This small tractor trailer has a very good maneuverability. It is designed for working with excavators and small tractors on narrow streets, small construction sites etc.  The design of the bottom of the box allows you to place a miniexcavator on it.

It has reduced pressure on ground because of the 600/50 R 22,5 wheels. That makes it better suitable for using even on grass surface.
Model RE10-07-1A
Length(mm)(With HSD01)                         5685
Width(mm) 2550
Height(mm) 2050
Internal measurements of a platform(mm) 3970x2380x700
Capacitance(m3), ()-with volume backdoor 6,6
Capacitance with extensions (m3), ()-with volume backdoor -
Base 3980 (3856)
Empty weight(kg) 2670
Max load capacity(kg) 10000
Total weight(kg) 12670
Hitch load(kg) 1800
Axel sum 1
Permissible axel load(kg) 10870
Hub/axel 100x100, 8 bolts
Suspension  -
Brake type 406x120(412E); 2 brakes
Speed limit(km/h) 40
Hydraulic circuit working pressure of a brake(bar) 160
Working pressure of hydraulic circuit(bar) 180-200
Oil volume for tipping(L) 12
Standard wheels 600/50-22,5
Tilt angle 52
Thickness of box’s bottom sheet(mm) 5
Thickness of box’s side sheet(mm) 5
Optional wheels  

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